• FilmDen Haag frontaal, over Mammarosa
  • FilmOnomkeerbaar van Maaike Broos

Over Mammarosa op Den Haag Frontaal (vanaf 3:50 min) en Onomkeerbaar van Maaike Broos

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Den Haag Frontaal, 4 okt 2010. De maand oktober is actiemaand voor borstkanker. Maar migrantenvrouwen maken nauwelijks gebruik van de mogelijkheden voor voorlichting, begeleiding en nazorg bij borstkanker. De stichting Mammarosa richt zich specifiek op deze vrouwen.

Onomkeerbaar. Marit (29), Josje (45) and Leila (52) has been forced to 'put their live on hold' by cancer. Their existence has been turned upside down. Now the cancer is cured but the period of isolation and heavy treatments has left its mark on al three women. The women struggle both physically and mentally to find their way back in life and work. The past, the present and the future have been put into another perspective. After 'being put on hold' by their disease their desire is to move forward. But which way is forward if everything in their life is upside down?