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Deel 3 van Fatenah animated story, zie Diagnose en behandeling voor de eerste 2 delen.

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Fatenah animated story. Fatenah is a 27 year old woman living in the Gaza Strip. Her life is similar to the lives of many other women in Gaza. Her life changes the day she discovers to have breast cancer.

This animation, the first produced in Palestine, shows with great accuracy the scenarios of Gaza city. The 27 minutes long story is a breath-taking journey into Fatenahs daily struggles. It uncovers the human drama of her fight to survive. This journey into the heart of the Gaza Strip will touch and move you.

Based on a true story, which took place in 2005-2006, "Fatenah" shows how Israel's continued blockade of the Gaza Strip impacts the Palestinian population's right to health. A factsheet is available, which explains how the issues raised in the movie are still relevant in March 2011: Meer informatie